Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps has been ready to strike the Yankees for some time. They want retribution for crushing international sanctions and the destruction of Iran’s major oil refinery and a shipping terminal on Kharg Island.

The Supreme Leader has refused to approve the attacks. But after America kills the country’s most iconic general, millions of Iranians screaming for revenge cannot be ignored.

The Ayatollah greenlights the three-phase plan unleashing devastation dwarfing 9/11.

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A Bounty On Air Force One

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  1. Ralph Rayner

    This book takes you on a ride between the vicarious thrill of Jet Packs that we dreamed of as kids and young adults and the terror of a 911-type tragedy. The thrill of the Jet Packs vanishes when the reader finds out how they are to be implemented. Old friend, Hunter Morgan (“No Survivors”), guides the reader through the kind of planning and execution necessary for evil acts such as these and how they are, in part, circumvented. This is a very good read with plenty of action and good guys bringing it to the bad guys.


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