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War indelibly brands the minds of its participants and victims. Nothing exorcises war’s psychological residue. In that very real sense, there are no survivors.

That’s the devastating premise set forth by Mike Sutton who spent three tours of duty as part of the relatively unknown Military Assistance Command, Vietnam.

No Survivors follows three infantry advisors: Hunter Morgan, a 3-tour vet fighting a war his country is fighting against; Army Medic Henry Small Deer, a full-blooded Sioux, who’d rather fight than stitch; Jesse Edwards, a naïve recruit with a hidden dark side and Samantha Crawford, an Army nurse working in primitive operating rooms and rural hospital wards.

A spy has been planted in the advisors’ team house and, as a result, the enemy is waiting at every turn. Only luck, skill and combat experience allow the advisors to survive the most inhuman ground assaults and bloody ambushes. Following an unthinkable climax, the primary characters come to the bitter, painful realization that sometimes the life you give for your country… is not your own.

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No Survivors by Mike Sutton
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  1. Ralph Rayner

    I have just finished reading Author Mike Sutton’s “No Survivors”. I am quite impressed by his writing skills. He managed to deliver to his readers a very good understanding of what war and jungle warfare must be like. I was never in combat, so his description of what his characters go through is quite illuminating.

    War novels are not my reading material of choice, so I probably wouldn’t have picked up a copy of “No Survivors” without our earlier connection at a business level. That being the case, it would have been my loss if I had not. Thanks to the author for taking me on a path where I would not have otherwise ventured.

    There were several points in this novel that wet my eyes, but I was not prepared for the surge of emotions stirred up by his epilogue. He really made me feel very strongly connected to his characters.

    • Mike Sutton

      Thank you, Ralph! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🤓


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